'A certain kind of light' is a new programme for voice and fixed audio that voyages through meditation, memorialising, murmuring and mimicry to cast new light on what it means to sing and to be a singer. At the heart of the programme are three modules of Tracery, an new collaboration with composer Cassandra Miller. 


The programme is designed for performance in intimate spaces and takes its title from an exhibition of visual art presented at The Exchange, Penzance.



Cassandra Miller Tracery : Hardanger (2017)

Linda Buckley Revelavit (2011)

Cassandra Miller Tracery : Lazy, Rocking (2017)

Eleanor Cully I, as mouth (2015, rev. 2017)

Lawrence Dunn while we are both (2017)

Cassandra Miller Tracery : The Slits (2017)




27 & 28 June 2017: The Chapel in Oxford House, Bethnal Green, London

16 June 2017: The Exchange, Penzance

28 April 2017: 'Outer Ear' series at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago


This project was generously supported by the PRS Foundation. 

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