Tracery is an ongoing and modular collaboration between composer Cassandra Miller and soprano Juliet Fraser. Resolutely process-led, sessions have explored a form of 'automatic singing' in which Juliet attempts a body scan meditation whilst simultaneously listening and responding to, vocally, a piece of source material. Source materials have primarily come from non-notated traditions and were chosen to reveal different immediacies in Juliet's voice: the first modules take as their starting point two Hardanger fiddle tunes, a movement from Ben Johnston's eighth string quartet and a song by the British all-female punk rock band The Slits. attending to a task (2018) may mark a new direction: this module features Juliet and Cassandra, both engaged in a Deep Listening exercise, the source material for which is a conversation between Robert Ashley and Pauline Oliveros. The project is producing several discrete but related pieces that set out to experiment with a performer's freedom and vulnerability on stage, rejecting traditional ideas of performativity and 'singerly-ness'. 


To date, the modules are:

Tracery : Hardanger (2017; 16'30)

Tracery : Lazy, Rocking (2017; 8'00)

Tracery : The Slits (2017; 11'00)

Tracery : attending to a task (2018; 14'00)


Tracery was commissioned with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, with development time supported by an Open Space residency at Snape Maltings. 


Watch Tracery : Lazy, Rocking


photo ©Massimo Golfieri, for AngelicA Festival




7 February 2017: Kammer Klang, Cafe Oto, London

9 February 2017: St Paul's Hall, Huddersfield

28 April 2017: Outer Ear series at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago

16 June 2017: The Exchange, Penzance

27 & 28 June 2017: The Chapel, Oxford House in Bethnal Green

21 September 2017: Klangspuren Schwaz, Austria

17 April 2018: Bastard Assignments, Peckham Asylum, London

9 May 2019: AngelicA Festival, Bologna


Also to be included on a forthcoming disc of Cassandra's music, to be released in Autumn 2019 on all that dust.


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