Sivan Eldar has collaborated closely with the British playwright Cordelia Lynn on a number of pieces for voice. They describe Heave as ‘a work that questions the boundaries between matter; between forms... that tells a story of growth: out of the earth, into one’s own body and, finally, memory’. In its original version, written for EXAUDI in 2018, the piece is scored for six voices and electronics (a multi-channel playback ‘tape’ part created at IRCAM) and uses the slow dialogue between two soloists to convey a drawn-out, suspended process of growing apart. This new version for solo voice and electronics goes further in its questioning of boundaries: all distinctions are blurred, now, as the single protagonist slips from earth into skin, body into light. 


This version for solo voice was commissioned by Juliet Fraser and Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge (and was due to be premiered there on 2 April 2020 but, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, that performance has been postponed). The electronics were created at IRCAM-Centre Pompidou studios with IRCAM computer music designer Augustin Muller. 


Heave is featured on Juliet’s album ‘spilled out from tangles’, released on the HCR label in 2020. 




11 August 2020: TIME:SPANS, New York City (video version)

8 November 2020: November Music, 's-Hertogenbosch

2 February 2021: De Link, Tilburg

4 February 2021: De Bijloke, Ghent


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