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* Sivan Eldar Heave (solo version 2019) for soprano and electronics

Pascale Criton new work (2021) for soprano, orchestra and electronics

* Laurence Crane new work (2021) for soprano and piano
* Lara Agar new work (2021) for soprano and piano

Nicoline Soeter Solution (2020) for voice and ensemble

Luke Nickel new work (for 2021/22) for voice, electronics and live roller coaster simulation



Pia Palme Wechselwirkung (2020) for singer, dancer, electronics and ensemble 

Rebecca Saunders The Mouth (2020) for soprano and electronics

Nomi Epstein collections for Juliet (2018/19) for live and multi-tracked voice

Cassandra Miller Thanksong (2020) for soprano and string quartet

* Cassandra Miller & Juliet Fraser Tracery (new modules 2020) for meditating singer and tape

John Lely Stopping at the Sheer Edge Will Never Abolish Space (2020) for sop and 3 cellos

Laurence Crane European Towns (2020) for soprano and 3 cellos

Alex Nikiporenko Self-Explanatory Music (2020) for soprano and cello

Naomi Pinnock I am, I am (2019) for soprano and string quartet

Rebecca Saunders Nether (2017-2019) for soprano and ensemble

Lisa Illean A through-grown earth (2018) for voice and tape, with optional film



* Pascale Criton new work (for 2021/22) for soprano and live electronics

* Martin Smolka new work (for 2021/22) for soprano and double bass

Øyvind Torvund new work (for 2021/22) for soprano and piano

* Newton Armstrong new work (for 2022/23) for soprano and electronics



* indicates works I have commissioned

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