Andrew Hamilton portrait disc on NMC

Percussionist Maxime Echardour and I first worked together with our respective ensembles EXAUDI and L'Instant Donné. In 'To The People' we explore duo repertoire of an experimental nature from either side of the Channel; the main focus of the programme is a large-scale commission by Andrew Hamilton which sets text from America by Jean Baudrillard.



Christopher Fox The True Standard Advanced 

Gérard Pesson Mobile Homme (wp)

Benedict Mason Dreams that do what they're told

Andrew Hamilton To The People (wp)


Juliet Fraser | soprano

Maxime Echardour | percussion


Our recording of To The People was released as part of a portrait disc on NMC in 2018.




30 October 2014: sound festival, Cowdray Hall, Aberdeen

4 November 2014: Kammer Klang, Cafe OTO, London (Hamilton only)

12 November 2014: 19 Paul Fort, Paris

10 February 2015: York University

12 February 2015: Huddersfield University (with student works)

30 April 2018: Royal Birmingham Conservatoire (Hamilton only — CD launch)

1 May 2018: City University Concert Series, London (Hamilton only — CD launch)


This project was generously supported by the Arts Council Ireland, RVW Trust and the Holst Foundation.


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