A project created with double bassist Florentin Ginot. 


We are all lichens; so we can be scraped off the rocks by the Furies, who still erupt to avenge crimes against the earth.


These words by Donna Haraway, found in her book Staying with the Trouble (2016), encapsulate some of the background themes of the project: environmentalism, feminism, the threat of discontinuity and the potential of disruption. The forces—soprano and double bass— are themselves troublesome. They are gendered, they have many opposing qualities, they are grainy and yet somewhat bare as a combination.


‘We are all lichens’ proposes a collision between the sparse and minimal music of the Czech composer Martin Smolka and the powerful, noise-infused sound of the Polish performer/composer Anna Zaradny, who will perform on stage beside the duo. Smolka is composing a 30-minute cycle for voice and double bass, a sequence of fragile and personal meditations on the natural world. This cycle will be framed and punctuated by a short series of interludes by Zaradny, for live electronics, voice and double bass.




4 May 2022: Acht Brücken Festival, Sankt Peter, Köln

24 May 2022: Milano Musica Festival, Pirelli Hangar Bicocca, Milan




Pascale Criton Ritournelle for J&F (2021; 8')


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