for soprano and ensemble (16 instruments)

premiered at WDR, Köln on 3 March 2024

duration: 1 hour


for Juliet Fraser and Ensemble Musikfabrik

in loving memory of Amelia Cuni


commissioned by Ensemble Musikfabrik and Kunststiftung NRW



the being


in the center, we find the being who is our (the listener's) projection,

and is also you (the vocalist, performer),


as you are both real and imagined.


through empathy (intentional/actualized)

we listen and observe your interactions with the others

and arrive at our own conclusions.


the inner/outer experiences of all beings in relation to this activity,

the unfolding of a piece of music,

holds together a kind of force and energy

in which we may choose to participate—

and which provides substance to form.


you are both alone and amongst many others,

who are all different from you

and also the same


as you open your eyes, you follow that which you hear and that which inspires


thus begins your journey


Catherine Lamb, 2024


photographs © Janet Sinica

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