Georges Aperghis / RécitationsMonomanies

Milton Babbitt / Philomel (+tape)

Cathy Berberian / Stripsody

Linda Buckley / Revelavit (+tape)

Christopher Butterfield / Dark Set (+tape)

John Cage / Aria; selected songs from the Songbooks

Cornelius Cardew / Ode Machine 1

John Croft / Lost Songs* (+elecs); ô phosphorescence (+elecs)

Eleanor Cully / I, as mouth* (solo version)

Chaya Czernowin / Adiantum Capillus-Veneris I

Frank Denyer / A Woman Singing

Lawrence Dunn While we are both* (+tape)

Sivan Eldar / Heave (solo version*) (+elecs)

Nomi Epstein / collections for Juliet (+tape)

Michael Finnissy / Song 1; Song 16; Same as We (+tape)

Morton Feldman / Only; Three Voices

Christopher Fox / magnification (+tape); Catalogue irraisoné; one/two/three/four-piece*

Lisa Illean / A through-grown earth* (+tape)

Catherine Kontz / Tea Break for Juliet* (tape)

Alvin Lucier / Wave Songs (+tape)

Elisabeth Lutyens / Isis' lament on the death of Osiris

Scott Mc Laughlin / Snowflake (+elecs) 

Cassandra Miller / Tracery* (+tape)

Nicholas Peters / Scantlebury* (+tape)

Enno Poppe / Wespe

Rebecca Saunders / O; The Mouth (+elecs)

Alejandro Viñao / Hildegard's Dream (+tape)

James Weeks / Nakedness*; Complainte



John Cage / A FlowerThe Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs

Laurence Crane / Tour de France Statistics 1903-2003

Michael Finnissy / Andersen-Liederkreis* 

Charles Ives / selected songs

Mauricio Kagel / Rrrr...

Bernhard Lang / The Cold Trip, part 2*

Wolfgang Rihm / Drei Holderlin-Gedichte

Matthew Shlomowitz / Songs about words and about the pleasure of misery*

James Weeks / amor de lonh (+hpschd)



Eleanor Cully / I, as mouth* (+perc.)

Christopher Fox / The True Standard Advanced (+perc.)

Beat Furrer / Lotófagos (+db); Spazio Immergente I (+trb)

Andrew Hamiton / To The People* (+perc.)

Gérard Pesson / Mobile Homme (+perc.)

Rebecca Saunders / O Yes & I (+bass fl.)

Matthew Shlomowitz / Letter Pieces nos. 4 & 5 (+perc.)



Heinz Holliger / Increschantüm

John McGuire / Exchanges

Cassandra Miller / Thanksong

Naomi Pinnock / I am, I am*

Arnold Schoenberg / Second String Quartet



Mark Applebaum / Control Freak

Richard Ayres / No.42 In the Alps

Harrison Birtwistle / The Fields of Sorrow

Annesley Black / Tolerance Stacks

Laurence Crane / Weirdi; Events

Frank Denyer / Two Voices with Axe; Two Female Singers and Two Flutes; Mother Child and ViolinThe Colours of Jellyfish; Screens

Sivan Eldar / any bed but one's*

Morton Feldman / Voices and cello

Christopher Fox / Too far

Luca Francesconi / Etymo

Beat Furrer / Aria

Stefano Gervasoni / Godspell 

Larry Goves / Springtime

Gérard Grisey / Quatre chants pour franchir le seuil

Yannis Kyriakides / dreams of the blind

Oliver Knussen / Requiem - Songs for Sue

Bernhard Lang / DW16 Songbook I

Cassandra Miller / Bel Canto

Luigi Nono / Prometeo

Enno Poppe / Interzone

Eva Reiter / The Lichtenberg Figures*

Rebecca Saunders / Skin*; Yes; Nether*

Salvatore Sciarrino / Il Giardino di Sara

Matthew Shlomowitz / Popular Contexts, Volume 5: Language Command*

Claude Vivier / Bouchara

James Weeks / Late Moons*



Catherine Kontz / NEIGE (Neige)

Stefano Gervasoni / Limbus Limbo (Tina*)

Larry Goves / I do this I do that (Grace Hartigan*)


* works written for me


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